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Business Many church organizations and Christian based companies are now offering credit counseling and debt consolidation as a service to their members. Based on Biblical principles, many Christian debt consolidation services are legitimate and honest places for a consumer to seek debt relief. Unfortunately, as with many things in the financial world, all might not be what it seems, and the savvy consumer will check on any company that he is thinking of signing up with. A quick online search will show pages of companies that claim to be Christian debt consolidation services, but by doing some digging, the consumer quickly finds that many of them are for profit corporations, who have seized upon the current economic credit crunch. While many will even use the promise that they do not withhold fees from payments, there will come a time when a donation is required, and that, in fact, is a fee. And there may be other hidden charges as well. This makes it very important to know more about the organization before signing up. As with all religious organizations who aim to do good work, these companies are impostors and preying on their good names. There are many excellent Christian debt consolidation plans, and ones run by bona fide companies or groups. The best way for a consumer to start finding a reputable one is to consult their local church and ask if their particular denomination has a sanctioned relief sector. Follow up on any leads given, and make a personal judgement one a little research has been done. Also, check for affiliations and certifications to national organizations and the Better Business Bureau. After all, a consumer is entrusting their future financial life to whomever they sign up with. It becomes an important decision. Another reason to thoroughly check out a company is to ask whether or not they actually handle the accounts of consumer’s who sign with them. It is well known that many of these companies are so recent that they literally pass off accounts to more established debt resolution companies, and the consumer can easily end up not knowing who has their account. In this case, it may be impossible to even track down who is holding the account. It is the rare person who wants to doubt Christian good deeds, but today, there are many companies out there who want to appear Christian based, and are anything but. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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